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 Design Notes April 17th

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PostSubject: Design Notes April 17th   Design Notes April 17th I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 17, 2009 6:45 pm

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April 17th, 2009
In this Weekend's Release
A HUGE reward for winning the War
Normally, a war boss who drop cool rewards would be an awesome release. But this week.. you will win the war and get TWO bosses. Better yet.. you will unlock a brand new zone, the Forest of Three Worlds! The storyline quests will be added to the zone next week.... but it is chop full of chainsaw wielding sneevils and at least one surprise!

ALSO! There is a special this Weekend-only chainsaw sale happening on in-game. Craziest thing I ever' saw!
Design Notes April 17th Threeworlds-spider
1st Special Boss
Be careful! This Mini-Boss is unlike anything you have encountered in the game yet... beware when it starts spinning its web!

Design Notes April 17th Threeworlds-treelanding
An Enchanted Forest
Welcome to the Forest of the Three Worlds. Our once peaceful wood has been twisted and malformed by Chaos, and horrible monsters have appeared. Sneevils have moved in with chainsaws to take our trees trunks! (*groan*) Inspired by the art of MC Escher it is our most beautiful zone yet.
Design Notes April 17th Threeworlds-treeboss
More... More... More....
It all unlocks once you defeat the war. We are making this zone preview available to all players this weekend because you all earned it for winning our first ever full all-player war!

I want to give a huge round of applause to the team for all of their hard work this week. Minimal did the crazy coding to build the system the Spider Mini-boss is using. It is the gateway to even more incredible monster enounters in the future. The art of J6 and Miltonius is unbelievable! Reens, Llusion, Zhoom and Ai No Miko, really went above and beyond this week. Great job to everyone and thank you so much!

Next week, a visitor will start the story quests and our first reputation quests through the the Chaos Valley (Actually named Chiral Valley but the forces battling have been joking calling it Chaos Valley and it caught on) Do not forget that all upgraded members are getting 250 AC on Monday at Noon Est. This includes anyone who upgrades during this weekend. Finally, the "Save Chuckles" Movement is gaining serious momentium (just see the forums). For those who do not know who Chuckles the world's funniest undead skeleton's history is... can you make a story, screenshot compilation, or youtube video to show them? Someone recommended that we use /join theater to have Chuckles host his own comedy show if we can bring him back. Of course being that he was already undead when he was destroyed... the only way he can be returned would be through... a favor from DEATH. See you on the forums and in game!

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Design Notes April 17th
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