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 Design Notes May 21st

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PostSubject: Design Notes May 21st   Design Notes May 21st I_icon_minitimeThu May 21, 2009 2:39 pm

Design Notes May 21st Artix-yelling

May 21sh, 2009
1st Lord of Chaos Boss Fight!
Coming tomorrow....
Tomorrow we enter the Tower and face the dreaded Battlemage Escherion. He is the 1st Lord of Chaos and wields the extremely dangerous Staff of Inversion! The fate of everyone we have met during this adventure depends on the outcome of your battle.... take these last moments to train and prepare yourself for AQWorld's first major Boss Fight!

Character Pages
We improved the design of your character page yesterday. Hope you like it! We are going to format the text next, then we want to add some customizability to the pages. Any ideas of things you would like to customize? Background, stance, maybe even a speach bubble.. or an animation? Let us know on the forums.

Example staff character pages:
Artix , J6 , Thyton , Cysero , and of course, the frequently changing, often unpredictable and sometimes brower destroying.... Miltonius

Design Notes May 21st 1-41
Leaving Tomorrow Emperor of the 1st Lord of Chaos

Awesome, time to train and prepare ourselves.
I'll be leaving tomorrow at about 5 PM EST, and won't be back until sunday at about 11 PM EST.
So I might not be able to post the DN's here. So I'd like to ask one of the Moderators to do it, thanks.

If I don't see you again today or tomorrow, cya sunday night maybe, xD.

Design Notes May 21st SteelFireEmperorSig

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Design Notes May 21st
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