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 Design Notes May 16th

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Steel Fire
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Steel Fire

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PostSubject: Design Notes May 16th   Sat May 16, 2009 3:12 pm


May 15, 2009
Behold the Hydra!
Just released for all players
ALL Chaos Valley zones are now available for all players.This incredible boss fight is all that stands in between us and the 1st Lord of Chaos. Those of you who have played DragonFable will find the way this Hydra is defeated to be... refreshing!

Three Headed Hydra
Three Headed Hydra Boss
The heads grow back every tme you chop
them off! Can it be defeated!?

We fixed the bug that popped up a "you must be upgraded" to solve the Runix cube. If you are still getting the message, close your browser. Clear cache.. and try now!

New Hydra Wallpaper!
Randor the Red used J6 and Miltonius' art to create you a special wallpaper featuring this weeks crazy boss! You can get yours at our wallpaper website:

New Game Engine: Version 0.71
It just keeps getting better. This new version has a lot of secret improvements

* Shiny new login screen
* Shift-click on names in the chat area to send tells
(This allows you to click in the area to walk there)
* Other things... I am sure of it!

Server Switch-aroooooo!
We have been running out of space on the Moglin Safe Servers, so we added the Twig server! (YAY TWIG!) Also, the Artix and Cysero servers have been converted to full chat enable servers just like Safiria, Nythera, Zhoom and Minimal!

The Dragon of Darkness Pet
Darkness DragonA new shipment has arrived at Aria's pet shop. Go there to see it for yourself. It is the rare and dangerous Darkness Dragon pet!

Good and Evil Items
Also this new good and evil items have been added to the shops in Swordhaven and Shadowfall:.

Good: Rune Sword, Crystal Claymore, Star Caster Staff, Angel Axe of Light, Chaos Mace

Evil: Dark Rune Sword, Dark Crystal Claymore, Black Star Caster Staff, Dark Angel Axe of Shadow, Chaos Mace.

The story... continued!
The brave warrior knew he could not slay the Hydra with his blade. For the heads grew back and made the beast even more powerful. So he dared using forbidden rune magic. The story is too horrible to tell... but know this... he imprisoned the Hydra under the lake with the magic. They key to locking the Hydra in place was the rune covered Runix Cube. To ensure the Hydra would never be released from its watery prison below the lake, he split the Runix cube into three pieces. These pieces were scattered hoping that we would be safe from the unstoppable beast for eternity....if ever it were to escape, it would grow in power until it destroyed the whole world!


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PostSubject: Re: Design Notes May 16th   Sat May 16, 2009 8:49 pm

cool wallpapers



My AQW Character
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master of death
master of death

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PostSubject: Re: Design Notes May 16th   Sat May 16, 2009 9:22 pm

the login screen is alright
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PostSubject: Re: Design Notes May 16th   

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Design Notes May 16th
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