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 Design Notes April 21st

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PostSubject: Design Notes April 21st   Design Notes April 21st I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 21, 2009 12:31 pm

Design Notes April 21st Avatar-artix-scroll

April 21th, 2009
MechQuest ArtBook
Getting ready for final review!
It is 120+ tons pages of full color Mecha madness. Featuring beautiful art, a how to draw section by Thyton & Oishii, a section of never before seen sketches, "Doom to come!" including the first peak at Transforming Starships and the MechQuest comic.... ALSO, it comes with a code which will unlock the Skullcrusher Mecha Model and a special Skullcrusher armor here in AQworlds! As you probably guessed I wrote a lot of the things in there... I wonder how many typos will sneak into print. It is fun finally being this close. We have worked hard on this for months. And by "We" I mean Aisha... who has recieved countless non-stop edits and revisions from all of us.... every time we look at it.

Pretty Close Renactment of Artbook design process
Aisha: Yay! The MechQuest Artbook is done!
Artix: Wait... Move that 3 pixels to the left.
Aisha: OK
Warlic: Can you change the color of that squiggle line to 1 shade more blue?
Aisha: Ok
Thyton: Oh, can you switch these two pages?
Aisha: ok
Warlic: Hmmm.. lets move those pages back the way there were.
Aisha: ok......
Artix: You know... on second thought... maybe we should move that a pixel to the right.
Aisha: !!!

Safiria: Hey did you guys hear someone scream? Wow is that the MechQuest Art Book? It looks amazing! Oh... Maybe you should move this a few pixels to the right and make it less blue.
Aisha: .................................................................

Design Notes April 21st SteelFireEmperorSig

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Design Notes April 21st
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