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 Design Notes April 16th

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PostSubject: Design Notes April 16th   Thu Apr 16, 2009 6:40 pm


April 16th, 2009
The good, the bad, and the AWESOME!
If you did not already know, Sneevils are evil, box-obsessed goblins. They live to collect containers.. in fact their entire culture and ranking system is based around it. If they find a treasure box filled with priceless artifacts... they will dump it empty and joyfully scurry off with the box. Even their diet consists solely of containers.... orange peels, walnut shells, and they pour out drinks and attempt... poorly.... to chomp down the glass. These devious creatures are so bizzare and interesting that we could not help but to ask ONE question.... what would happen if we gave them Chainsaws?

... find out in the new zone this week in AQWorlds! How can anyone not love this game?

Save Chuckles Movement
We have not seen something like this since the great Cysero Rebellion!
Sure, there is a War raging on against the 1st Lord of Chaos and the next zone will open up when you defeat his minions.... likely our most beautiful and interesting zone yet.... featuring a crazy specially coded boss fight.... and amazing MC Escher inspired art.... and a really cute time travel Fairy NPC.... BUT the "Save Chuckles" Movement will not be deined! Sure, he was Sepulchure's right-hand skeleton and Gravelyn's only childhood friend... and sure... Drakath one shotted him with what was basically a stern stare... but WE know Chuckles will get the last laugh!

Do not let the laugher die... AGAIN!

Tristar Nexus: Chuckles is the backbone of undead humour in the game...

Necromander: Wait, resurrecting an Undead? to quote King Julian: "How is that even possible!?

Great Guardian and others: "DUCT TAPE but we will need alot of it..."

Voltron, Heneha and others: Maybe we could have a new quest at Shadowfall to find the bone parts of Chuckles.

Message to Charik from Artix: "Giggles... acknowleged!"

Forum Question: Slogans and sigs for the save chuckles movement.... any suggestions?


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Design Notes April 16th
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