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 Design Notes April 15th~Tax Day

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PostSubject: Design Notes April 15th~Tax Day   Design Notes April 15th~Tax Day I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 15, 2009 12:37 pm

Design Notes April 15th~Tax Day Avatar-artix-scroll

Design Notes April 15th~Tax Day Avatar-chuckles2
Still pretty funny for a... undead pile of bone-chips... any way can we bring him back?

April 15th, 2009
Death and Taxes!
Yay for BAD Tax Day Release Ideas...
It is Tax day here in the States. LOL, but for some reason, this holiday just does not have the same spirit of giving as the other ones. As you read this, the team is working hard at... filling out our returns and getting to the post office in time! Here are some TERRIBLE AQworlds Tax Day Release ideas for you!

* BAD: All characters pay 20% of their gold in taxes!
* BAD: Stat roll for a % chance to get audited*!
* BAD: New Shield Warrior ability: HR Block
* BAD: New Rogue abilities - Tax Evasion & Tax Cut!
* BAD: New house design: Tax shelter**
* GOOD: We are not doing any of these.... this year.

* The larger your stats, the higher % to get audited!
** Warning: if the shelter's defenses are penetrated... it turns into the "poor house" or teleports you to the "big house"

Design Notes April 15th~Tax Day Death
This picture has nothing to do with Tax day....
AQworld's Death just look REALLY cool!
/join Death

QUESTION: How many other massively multiplayer online role playing games get into the spirit of tax day***? On second thought, do not answer that. So forum question -- HOW CAN WE BRING BACK CHUCKLES?

*** OMG, we need to make a Tax Return MMO where you play the role of a secret undercover auditor infiltrating EvilCorp and balancing the books while battling the evil forces of the undead. "Cooking the books" means something completely different when you are talking about the Necronomicon!

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Design Notes April 15th~Tax Day
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