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 Design Notes April 13th

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PostSubject: Design Notes April 13th   Design Notes April 13th I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 13, 2009 3:43 pm

Design Notes April 13th Avatar-artix-scroll

April 13th, 2009
A Tribute to M.C. Escher
The art filled secret of the upcoming zone
First, I would like to congratulate Bhlewos on his well researched forum post. It is more fun when you and your fellow players figure it out for yourselves. The entire zone of Chiral Valley and its upcoming areas, (The Town of Mobius, The Forest, The Ruins, and the Tower of Relativity) is our huge tribute in honor of our favorite famous artist, M.C. Escher (1898 to 1972)!

"Everything is cooler when it has a special meaning..."

Design Notes April 13th Escherion-waterfall
Sneak peak of the waterfall... coming in the next zone
Reference Waterfall, 1961

Growing up, J6, Miltonius, Cysero, Minimal, Oishii and so many more of us were fascinated with Escher's impossible works. We remember seeing it for the first time in our elementary school art classes.... and for me personally, it was what caused me to love art. Escher's art just oozes with chaos! See for yourself... (Off site links: Art Gallery, Wikipedia Entry) So we have set out to make the most beautiful and inspired zone ever put into an MMO! Here is a sneak peak of the amazing things that are coming...

The secret of Escherion's name
When Drakath choose this Battlemage to become his 1st Lord of Chaos, he gave him a new name based on his chaotic powers. Drakath called him.... Escherion.

Have you ever heard of M.C. Escher or seen any of his works before this? What is your favorite piece of art by him? See you on the forums!

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Design Notes April 13th
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