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 Design Notes April 10th

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PostSubject: Design Notes April 10th   Design Notes April 10th I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 10, 2009 9:20 pm

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April 10th, 2009

Special Weekend Event
Game Wide Egg Hunt for Seasonal Rares!
Are you a rare item hunter? If so, this weekend's special release is egg-xactly what you were hoping for. It is the most extreme rare item hunt we have ever put into our games.
Design Notes April 10th Egghunt
New in this Release
As you may have already noticed, some great new features were added in this special web egg hunt event.

* Special Holiday Weekend Event/NPC
* Clickable Pets and Items
* Transforming Weapons and Helms
* Battleon Egg Hunt
Collect 15 eggs for two special prizes
* 4 Ultra Rare Eggs
Uses the Vorpal Bunny to get the quests and the Egg Backpack to find out where the rare drops are
* News Items
o Vorpal Bunny (quest giving pet)
o Backpack of Eggs (clickable item!)
o Bunny Berzerker Helm (Transforms if clicked)
o Bunny Berzerker Armor
o Bunny Berzerker Spear (Transforms if clicked)
o Bunny on your Back
o Egg-streme Egg Beater (AC Item)
o Unhatched Egg Pet (AC Item)
* Secret Map and item yet to be seen...

Ultimate Rare Item Hunter's Challenge
Do you see the sweet, cuddly Vorpal Bunny (possibly the most vicious and destructive creature our world has ever known) pictured below? He is the first quest giving pet... and any player on the screen can access him if you have your equipped! Combined with the egg hunter's backpack you are ready for the ultimate rare item hunters challenge! Read more on the Design Notes for more!
Design Notes April 10th Bunny-egghunt4
Bunny Berzerker Set available for all players!
The entire rare Bunny Berzerker set is available to all players. You can access the bunny's quests as long as at least one player on the screen has the Vorpal Bunny equipped. (That is so cool!)

MEMBERS! Special Quest

The other players need YOUR HELP to complete the new quests! Equip your Vorpal Bunny and visit different servers to help players get the items. This is a great way to make new friends and make a lot of people really happy!

To Members...
Thank you for making game possible for all of us
We really hope you enjoy the new releases! We are very grateful that you made all of the great things we are doing possible. That is why on Monday, April 20th at 12:00pm EST, I am going to give every upgraded member 250 AdventureCoins to buy a special item, backpack/bank slot, or anything you would like. Not a member yet? Upgrade before that Monday and you will receive the 250 AdventureCoins too!

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Design Notes April 10th
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