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 Design Notes April 3rd-1st lord of chaos release

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Steel Fire
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PostSubject: Design Notes April 3rd-1st lord of chaos release   Sat Apr 04, 2009 12:52 am

Champion of CHAOS.

April 3rd, 2009
Happening now... WAR!
Member-only testing of our first war event...
The town of Mobius is under attack! Drakath's 1st Lord of Chaos... still unknown to us... has besieged the mining town of Mobius with monsters. The trees were flipped, houses were twisted and inverted with furniture and stairs on the outside... even the flowers are growing backwards! Worse yet, it seems the 1st Lord of Chaos inverted the Guardian tower there and is now using it as his base!

Inverted houses with the furniture on the outside...
Water flows up the well to the bucket...
Even the plants grow backwards!
... is this truely Chaos!?

Drakath's Message
Tell your King it is time to play!
Drakath bellows, "Behold the town of Mobius and know your fate... my 1st Lord of Chaos has been unleashed."

Inverted Guardian Tower is now known as...
The Tower of Relativity

It's almost Saturday!

April 3rd, 2009
Bugs...why does it have to be bugs...
But not server bugs!
Just a little message to let you know that the drops have started to appear in the ChaosMarsh. The number of chaos-infected Fireflies has risen.... and you can take them with you - if you find them. There are 2 helms waiting to be rolled and cleared - think Chaos spider eyes in goggles if you will. Those are for all players. The ChaosFly pet is Member only, as it is a pet. Miltonius is also working on some more drops and they will be added later this weekend or Monday. Battle on!


War Release & More!
Release notes and Behind the Scenes
Wow! This was our most complicated release yet. More coming shortly...

* Let loose the Dogs (or bugs) of War!
o War Meter
o Defender Medal Turn-ins
o Boss Fight
o Randomized Monsters This broke BAD
o Server Syncronization
o First Mini-Boss at 100%!
* New Game /Toggles
Use these toggles to turn on or off the ability for people to send you friend invites, party invites or private messages. We are working on adding some buttonsin the game for it next.
o /friendon & /friendoff
o /partyon & /partyoff
o /pmon & /pmoff
* # of Players in Room now displayed
o Look at the bottom right to see number of players in the room updated in real time. You can hit the arrow to see a full list! (very handy)
5 player in Battleon-1
* Party Bug Fixed
o ... finally!
* Pet Bug Fixed
o No more random black sillohet on load failure
* Town of Mobius
o First part of first full major area
o New monsters: Fire Imp, Cyclops, and the Chaos Spy-eye
o Several rare item drops from each monster. (VERY rare drops)
* BONUS: I.O.U Note From Zorbak
Zorbak traded in your I.O.U. Note for a very special present. That Mystic Pencil of Endless scribbles that he used to prank us all on April Fools? He took his I.O.U. note back and gave the pencil... to you!


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PostSubject: Re: Design Notes April 3rd-1st lord of chaos release   Sat Apr 04, 2009 3:09 am

dam it! xD

y did the testing have 2 be for members!



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PostSubject: Re: Design Notes April 3rd-1st lord of chaos release   Sat Apr 04, 2009 8:22 am

Wow! this place is amazing! But I think the war meter is broken. It's stuck at 74% Sad

The Titan of Time will steal your soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Design Notes April 3rd-1st lord of chaos release   

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Design Notes April 3rd-1st lord of chaos release
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