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 A set of reminders for everyone

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A set of reminders for everyone Left_bar_bleue20/20A set of reminders for everyone Empty_bar_bleue  (20/20)
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A set of reminders for everyone Empty
PostSubject: A set of reminders for everyone   A set of reminders for everyone I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 11, 2008 12:47 pm

1. If you are going to be inactive, please tell me about it. Otherwise, you will receive warnings.

2. I cannot keep track of promoting people to a higher rank, so if you think you deserve a better rank for some reason,
please ask me. If you do not ask, you will stay at the same rank.

3. Please follow ALL the clan rules at ALL times. If you are new, i will let you off without giving you a warning, but this is only
because you may not have read the rules yet, or something else. For all the members that have been here for at least a few days,
I expect you to have read the rules and understand them, and to follow them ALL.

4. If you have received warnings, and you want to get rid of them, be good, be active, and be helpful. Then please ask me to take your warnings away in PM. If you do not ask me after you think your good, active and helpful enough, you will not lose warnings.

A set of reminders for everyone SteelFireEmperorSig

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A set of reminders for everyone
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